Kristi G Grab & Go Clutch

For the mom who wants a diaper bag that looks more like a purse, has graduated from baby to toddler, or prefers simplicity, the Grab & Go Clutch is a convenient, light-weight handbag for those quick trips out with baby! It’s large enough for a couple diapers, a few small toys and snacks and of course, Mom’s essentials (wallet, keys and lipstick).

Dimensions (inches): 12” wide x 6” high x 3” deep (flat bottom)

EZ-Wipe System

Each bag has a built-in baby wipe dispensing system called the EZ-Wipe System for one-handed wipe access, making diaper changes, sticky fingers and messy mouths even easier to handle.
With the EZ-Wipe System located on the back of each bag, you’ll never dig and search for wipes again! Just open the zipper and pull out a wipe, just like a tissue.

To prevent baby wipes from leaking onto the outer fabric of your bag, just push the baby wipe completely back into the EZ-Wipe Pouch when not in use. This guarantees no leakage.

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