Daisy Hugs Carrier Cover

No more tucking and re-tucking a loose blanket over your baby carrier!

Keep your baby warm on crisp fall days with a lightweight 100% cotton cover designed to easily attach to your baby bjorn or like soft carrier.


Daisy Hugs® makes your life easier and it's easy to wear too!

About Daisy Hugs®

Ariela began working on the design of Daisy Hugs® after the birth of her second child. Living in southern California she spends a lot of time at the beach where it gets chilly during the winter. To keep her newborn warm, she used to throw a blanket over the baby carrier and tuck it in place. After a few steps, she would need to constantly re-tuck the blanket and the process became so frustrating, that Ariela decided to design her own hands free, tuck-less blanket.

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