Picky Sticky - Secret Steal!

What is Picky Sticky? Simple brilliance that's what. We all know how much babies grow those first 2 years...you blink, and they are little walking talking people! Well Picky Sticky has created a fun easy way to document the growth of your bundle o' joy without missing a beat. Simply place these large 4" stickers that LOOK LIKE iron-on transfers on your babies' onesie or t-shirt each month on their birthday, grab your camera, take a picture, and start documenting how quickly they grow!

Choose from the following options for pregnant bellies, 0-12 mo and BRAND NEW from Picky Sticky - 13-24 mo babes:

  • Mister Fister 0-12 mo
  • Missy Fissy 0-12 mo
  • Surprise Sunrise 0-12 mo
  • Cars & Trucks 13-24 mo BRAND NEW DEBUT!
  • Buggy Wuggy 13-24 mo BRAND NEW DEBUT!
  • Citrus Sunshine Pregnancy Stickers
  • Milestones 0-24 mo BRAND NEW DEBUT!

Easy-to-Use Instructions:

Each sticker is 4" in diameter and is made of transparent sticky paper, when it is applied it LOOKS like it's an IRON-ON transfer. For best results use white or light, solid-colored shirts to bring out the best colors in each sticker.

Once you use your sticker for taking your pictures they will still have enough stickum left to use in your scrapbook.

Please note these are not washable; use them for taking pictures. THIS IS NOT AN IRON-ON TRANSFER.

Mister Fister 0-12 months

Missy Fissy 0-12 months

Surprise Sunrise 0-12 months

Cars & Trucks 13-24 months

Buggy Wuggy 13-24 months

Citrus Sunshine Belly Stickers/Pregnancy


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