Eli's Rocker Lids

Your little one has personality, flair and a need to stand out from the crowd. These Rocker Lids from Eli’s Lids are begging to be worn all year long! Set your little rocker loose in this lightweight, reversible Lid with fabulous fold-up brim. Change the pattern to match their mood, from solid-rock black baby knit to crossbones in bright, stretchy colored fabrics. So rock out, rock hard, and rock on!

Rocker Lid

  • Lightweight and reversible to match your little one's mood
  • Fabulous fold-up brim
  • Stretchy thermal fabric
  • Machine wash and dry

Eli's Lids Sizing

Eli’s Lids come in 2 convenient and flexible sizes:

  • Small: newborn–1 year
  • Large: 1–5 years
  • Stretchy fold-up design ensures hat will fit for a long time

To make the Lid smaller, simply roll the bottom of the Lid up until it fits sung around their head. as your child grows, roll the bottom of the Lid down to make it larger!

Made in the US

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