Luna Lullaby Bounce-a-Bye Ball

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One of the most versatile products for a new mom, the Bounce-a-Bye Baby ball works as a birthing ball, the perfect seat to bounce and soothe your baby, and a pre and post pregnancy fitness ball. In addition to being cute, this is not your typical fitness ball - the magic is in the base! No rolling around with this bad boy! And because it is built to hold up to 600 lbs, it's durability can't be beat.

New moms will agree, nothing soothes their baby quite like rhythmic bouncing - many moms say it's the ONLY method that would calm their little one!


  • A great way to soothe fussy or colicky babies through rhythmic motion
  • Bouncing a baby simulates a more womb-like atmosphere
  • Stabilizing base reduces the risk of rolling providing a more safe and secure place to bounce
  • Can ease the pressure and discomfort of labor while properly aligning the pelvis
  • Using the ball throughout pregnancy will stimulate postural reflexes and keep deep supportive muscles
  • Great for workout, toning, and strengthening body muscles
  • Stability Support Stand, Hand Pump, and Use and Care Information Insert included with Inflatable Anti-Burst Ball
  • Weight tested to 600 lbs.

Included in package:

  • Inflatable anti-burst ball
  • Stability support stand
  • Hand pump
  • Use & care information insert included


  • Ball Size: Fully inflated 65cm
  • Weight tested up to 600 pounds

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