Wonder Bumpers -Vertical Crib Bedding

Saggy crib bumpers are no more! Wonder Bumpers make crib bedding both beautiful and functional. With super soft and stylish colors, and gender-friendly designs, this set will last babe from infancy to toddlerhood. Each set comes equipped with a super soft minky crib sheet, matching crib skirt, and cuddly blanket. Everything you’ll need, all in one package!
Wonder Bumpers are a cinch to put on- no more ties! The concealed downward pulling reversible zipper makes them easy to put on and remove when needed. The safety advantages allow mom to rest easily. With increased airflow, SIDS risk is reduced, and the slat hugging bumpers inhibit babe from escaping! Wonder bumpers are a mother’s dream - because when baby sleeps, so does mom!

Wonder Bumpers™ are soft and stretchable and will fit on any crib. 
Each set includes 38 bumpers - can be zipped together to accommodate larger size slats.

Each bumper is 6” wide and will fit on almost all rails, round or flat, up to 3” wide.
Each bumper is 24” long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails.

Safari - Original Line
Take your child on a trip to Africa with this design. The bright colors will ensure that your little one truly appreciates the sights and shapes of these animals. Their yellow reversible side makes it a great bumper to mix with other designs.
Set includes 38 bumpers, green minky sheet, matching crib skirt and funky toddler blanket.

Lotus - Luxury Line
This vertical design enwraps any crib with beauty and elegance.
Your daughter will love this floral creation and will continue to appreciate her Wonder Bumpers as she grows.
Set includes 38 bumpers, white minky sheet, super lux matching crib skirt and beautiful toddler blanket.

Why use Wonder Bumpers™ for your baby’s crib?


  • Reduce risk of SIDs
  • Increase airflow
  • Inhibit toddlers from climbing out
  • Soft vertical padding protects baby’s head and body against hard rails


  • Easy to put on or take off
  • No more ties
  • Concealed reversible zipper
  • A cinch to change crib sheet
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits all rails - zip together for wider slats
  • Use on drop-downs or convertibles


  • Super soft and stylish fabric choices
  • Reversible designs
  • Gender-friendly versatility
  • Fabulous accessories
  • Cozy and comfortable for toddler beds
  • Sleek design (No more frumpy bumpers that look bad after a few months!)


“Wonder Bumpers are a safe solution for parents who have taken the advice of their physicians regarding safety concerns with the
conventional crib bumper. Wonder Bumpers™ can be utilized safely for the duration of the crib.”
-Family Practitioner Carlos Prendes Jr., MD

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