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Set of 3 Prenatal Yoga DVDs by Lindsay Brin

Not yet available at Moms Into Fitness, Lindsay Brin has launched her trimester-specific prenatal yoga. Originally available only in her pregnancy package, you can now get the yoga section by itself! Featured in Fit Pregnancy and Mom & Baby magazine, these prenatal yoga workouts are just what moms need during pregnancy. Since they are so hot off the press the DVDs come in white covers.

Training by Trimester is the smartest way to exercise during pregnancy. As an expert for Fit Pregnancy Magazine, Lindsay Brin created trimester-specific workouts that are safe for both you and your baby. The best way to get your body back after pregnancy is to workout throughout your pregnancy. Studies show that these exercises can improve circulation, increase energy and reduce back pain. Lindsay Brin will guide you through these safe and effective exercises not only to provide a faster recovery after you've had the baby, but to provide an enjoyable pregnancy.

Follow 1 of our 3 moms at your own level. You will relieve stress and reduce swelling within 20-25 minutes.

· 1st Trimester Yoga: 25 minutes (also includes pre-pregnancy yoga)
· 2nd Trimester Yoga: 20 minutes
· 3rd Trimester Yoga: 25 minutes

"Your body works so hard during pregnancy that your blood volume and endurance increase, which in turn elevates your fitness level."--Lindsay Brin, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, Training by Trimester Oct/Nov 2008 “Your body changes drastically as you progress in your pregnancy,” explains Lindsay Brin, mother of a 5-month-old girl and creator of the trimester-specific DVD series. “Plus, your body may stop reaping the benefits of exercise if you do the same workout again and again.” To make the most of your workout in each trimester, it’s important to focus on those muscles that are most taxed then, in addition to the ones you need to strengthen for the months ahead, says Brin. In the first trimester, that means focusing on your core, which includes your hips, back, pelvic floor and, most importantly, your deepest abdominal muscle, the transverse abdominis. “Your pelvic floor and your transverse support your baby like a sling, so you want them to stay strong,” Brin explains.





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