aden + anais Sleeping Bag

Introducing a lighter-weight single layer sleeping bag for the budget conscious mama made from aden + anais' signature fabric — natural cotton muslin — and playfully designed in exclusive modern prints for Target. Stock up today and say goodbye to loose blankets, and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with the magical feel and comfort of soft and breathable muslin.

Why Muslin?
For centuries, mothers around the world have gently cared for their children with soft, natural muslin. These comfortable, breathable, stylish sleeping bags bring that tradition- and the softness of muslin- into the 21st century.

Sure to become a nighttime staple, aden +anais' single layer sleeping bag features an open weave construction allows liberal airflow as well as warmth.

You and your baby will love these sleeping bags as much as your muslin wraps, as the muslin is familiar to the babies that have been swaddled in the fabric. So the sleeping bag will remain a sleep trigger for your little one for when they eventually decide they are done being swaddled.

Use the sleeping bag in place of loose blankets over your baby's favorite pajamas.  The inverted zipper makes it easy to slip on and take off.

  • Breathable: helps prevent overheating
  • Comfy: the more you wash it the softer it gets
  • Safe: replaces loose blankets for safer sleep
  • Sized: just the right fit to wear over pajamas

Care Instructions:

  • wash before first use
  • machine wash in cold water
  • tumble dry low heat
  • do not add bleach
  • do not iron
  • each sleeping bag is a single layer of soft muslin
up to 6mo

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