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BabyLegs Sock Sets

Hungry dryers make it so you can never have enough socks! Stock up today with these adorable sets from BabyLegs! With 6 pairs in each gift box, there is a pair for nearly every day of the week. With their utility, practicality, and stylish appeal, BabyLegs® are soon to be every parent's essential!

Tea Party Sock Set:

Block Party Sock Set

Colony Sock Set:

Picnic Sock Set:

BabyLegs® Features:

In April of 2005, Nicole Donnelly was a mom in a bind. Her daughter had a diaper rash that just wouldn't quit and she needed some diaper-free time. Wanting to keep her daughter warm, Nicole snipped the feet off of a pair of socks and fitted her daughter from hip to ankle with the coolest set of leg warmers. These leg warmers not only kept her daughter warm, but also protected her from the elements, made diaper changing and potty training easier, and protected her soft knees while crawling. With some fun designs and some grassroots marketing support, the functional and fashionable leg warmers that began as a solution to keep little legs warm quickly became much more.

The continued desire of BabyLegs® to provide products that have style and protection for little legs and feet eventually led the company to expand into children's hosiery with the introduction of baby socks and girl's tights. Since 2005, the BabyLegs® brand has grown from one mom's diaper bag accessory - their signature leg warmer - to a popular children's brand with essential child and baby products.

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