Brainy Baby Left Brain/Right Brain DVD Set

“Helping your child develop a love of learning for a lifetime” is the reason d’être behind the Brainy Baby line of products. By applying the principle of “whole brain thinking,” using both sides of the brains to encourage more balanced thinking, Brainy Baby introduces children to concepts associated with both the logical Left Brain and the creative Right Brain. Brainy Baby’s Left Brain and Right Brain DVDs are the flagship products of the Brainy Baby line.

Brainy Baby Right Brain® introduces right brain concepts such as creativity, intuition, and imagination. Brainy Baby Left Brain® introduces left brain concepts encouraging a child's analytical abilities. Left Brain uses bright visuals to introduce concepts such as logic, patterns, sequencing and more.

The Right Brain DVD includes creative imagery (such as ink blots and clouds transforming into familiar objects), color recognition (by way of deliciously gooey paint), and patterns (from nesting shapes to 3-D objects). Parents will get a kick out of watching their toddlers respond to the visual feast before them with pure enjoyment. The Left Brain DVD introduces patterns and shapes in colors of red, black, and white. Language is explored with letters of the alphabet, followed by simple words and voice-overs offering the equivalent in Spanish and French. Numbers are presented in sequence using interactive questions such as “How many do you see?”

Included with your order: A Happy Birthday card! Brainy Baby is celebrating their birthday and you get the gift! Your order will include a redeemable certificate good for one free Brainy Baby DVD!

Comments from parents include:

“I am very happy with Brainy Left Brain DVD. I have a son that is a year and half who won’t watch anything else. Thank you.” – R. Knoll (Parent)

"I think your Brainy Baby DVD series is superb. As a former educator, I think your products are right on target. My daughter has been watching them since they first were available, and she likes them better than any other videos, including Disney. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to produce quality toddler and children's programming. Keep up the good work!" – Sam (Haines City, FL)

"We have the Brainy Baby Left Brain DVD and my 10-month-old son is completely addicted to it! We try to mix it up with Baby Einstein, but he complains so much that we have to put Brainy Baby on instead! P.S. - he really loves the narrator's voice. She's great!" – Kara (Poughkeepsie, NY)

"Ok I have to say this is one of the best. I have a couple of the Baby Einstein DVD's for this age group and my son who is 28 months loves this Brainy Baby DVD. He'll look through all of our DVD's for it and pop it into the DVD player on his own and start watching it. He'll repeat about everything that they present like with the numbers, colors, and words." – Mommy of 2

"You are my HERO!!!! Grace had one of those days where she just fussed all day. Anyway, I put (in) the Brainy Baby Right Brain DVD. It was AMAZING! She sat there and watched the screen, laughed and just rolled around happy for about 20 minutes!! I was stunned! She really loved it and the music was great, too! Thanks SO much...you saved my sanity." – Ann (Kennesaw, GA)




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