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Cover in Style by Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover

Nurse discreetly and in style! The Cover in Style by Hooter Hiders nursing cover is touted as a “Mommy Must-Have” by mothers, celebrities, and medical professionals. These award winning nursing covers are sought by nursing moms everywhere.

All Hooter Hiders™ are machine washable with like colors on delicate cycle. Due to the boning used in the neckline, we suggest that you launder your Hooter Hider as you would a bra. Tumble dry on low and remove promptly. Some initial shrinking may occur.

Disclaimer: As this product is designed for use in close proximity to your baby's face, please exercise caution. Please monitor your baby during use to ensure that the Hooter Hider does not interfere with baby's breathing. Never leave a baby unattended with the nursing cover as the neck straps could pose a strangulation hazard.



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