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GoGaga Bags

* Canada - limit one per order

Go Gaga combines the magic of ergonomics, the value of versatility, and the stylish functionality of gender neutral design to create the most comfortable, useful bag you will love for more than just hauling diapers. From sippy cups to laptops to gym gear, prepare to “go gaga” for Go Gaga bags!

Unlike anything else on the market, these bags are genius! The magic is in the patented ergonomic strap - spreading the weight of the bag across your shoulder and back, it instantly feels lighter with nothing cutting into your neck or pulling you to one side. The cushioned shoulder pad has a grip texture on the underside, holding the bag in place so it won’t slip off your shoulder. The shoulder pad slides along the strap to cinch it up for a different look and feel popular with Dads. And it securely fits iphones and ipods for easy access!

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The Slide Tote

Water slides, slide guitar, a slide into home base – they’re all ways of getting from one point to another in a way that’s fun, unusual, and gets you noticed. Our Slide does exactly the same thing by carrying what you need in a stylish bag that’s comfortable and unique.

The Messenger Bag

Slightly larger and wider than the Slide, The Messenger features the patented ergonomic strap and a front pocket that you can access with the flap closed! The Messenger tells the world that you have a knack for finding the newest and smartest products on the market.

The Gondola Bag

If you need one bag that can carry everything from your 14.5” laptop to a change of clothes, then take our Gondola for a ride. This fashion-forward tote proves that you can carry what you need in comfort with a style that will have people stopping you on the street to learn more. Unlike the Slide and Messenger, this bag does not include stroller straps.

About Go Gaga

Go GaGa started as a sketch on the back of a cocktail napkin. One Saturday at brunch, founder Jill Cartwright and friends were talking about how life had changed since having children – they’d lost their sense of style, self, humor...Plus, most of them were feeling far older than their age thanks to injuries they'd experienced while caring for their little ones.

Dislocated shoulders, torn ACLs, carpal tunnel syndrome – all from using products that were designed for the safety of the child, but not the parents. As the lunch conversation turned to a contest of “blowout” diaper stories, Jill turned to her mimosa and began sketching out products that were both ergonomically safe and fashionable.

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