The Polka Dot Tot Posh Lovey

Created just for BabySteals, lucsious, silky, and completely irresistible—every babe needs a Polka Dot Tot Lovey to snuggle up with at bedtime, naptime... anytime! Each blanket is special and unique, handmade with love with the best selection of fabrics that are not only beautiful, but are also easy to care for. With swirly plush on one side, smooth minky on the other, and the option of a satin ruffle for a summer-friendly cool touch, you just can't go wrong. The cuddly textures and perfect sizing ensure that this blanket will be the favorite.


  • 14"x17" (blankets are hand-cut so dimensions may vary slightly)—with a ruffle, dimensions measure approximately 16"x19"
  • machine washable
  • made of 100% polyester
  • made in the USA

Washing and Care Instructions

  • all fabrics wash very easily but are heat sensitive
  • machine wash cold
  • dry on low heat or hang to dry
  • blankets do wash well as long as washing instructions are followed

About Polka Dot Tot

It all started with a burp cloth. Then they designed blankets, then bibs, then towels, then hats, then pillows, then t-shirts, then blankets for adults… and children…and teens… and thus, they became The Polka Dot Tot. It was so much fun to design that they didn’t know where to stop! They loved being a one-stop-shop for baby items but what their customers really loved were their blankets. They heard time and time again stories of children who couldn’t sleep without their lovey or a child who could only be soothed by their blankee. They took their blankets to some gift expos and people oohed and aahed as they felt the fabrics. The most common comments they got were that the blankets were the softest and most beautiful blankets they had ever seen. The most snuggly, the most luxurious, and—can you make that baby blanket in an adult size? And thus, they became Posh Blankets.
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