Mack & Co Jacket

Adorned with ruffles, polka-dots, and pom-poms, you’ll love dressing your little girl in these spring jackets from Mack & Co. Stylish, and machine washable - is there anything better?

Canvas Jacket

  • ruffled, chic machine washable canvas
  • pink paisley pattern adds a touch of sophistication
  • button closure

Swing & Hooded Jacket

  • soft, cozy machine washable and dry-able fleece
  • button closure on the hooded jacket, trimmed with a pom-pom at the hood crown
  • hook and loop closure on the swing jacket with pom-pom trim


6 mos 9 mos 12 mos 18 mos 24 mos
height 24-26" 26-28" 28-30" 30-32" 32-34"
weight 12-16 lbs 16-20 lbs 20-24lbs 24-27 lbs 27-30lbs
chest 17-18 " 18-19" 19-20" 20-21" 21-22"
waist 18-19" 19-20" 20-21" 21-22" 22-23"

About Mack & Co.

Stella Stevie and the Mack & Co. label are the proud by-products of a friendship and business partnership between Penny Crivelli and Gerri Mack. The two decided to jump in the deep end of the entrepreneurship pool and founded Crivelli Mack in 2005. Their design focus is on fun, feminine, colorful and unique products of value.

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