Smocket Pocket One-Piece Bib and Tray Cover 2-pack

Baby is all dolled up in the sweetest new outfit. It is dinner time but you need to keep babe's clothing spic and span—traditional bibs just don't cover it all. Enter Smocket Pocket—the only reusable, machine-washable bib that covers every nook and cranny to ensure your tot still looks pristine even after a big bowl of spaghetti! Keep one at home and leave one in the car... this bib 2-pack means you never have to be without your Smocket Pocket.

The Smocket Pocket is a unique, one-piece bib that covers the child's chest, sleeves, neck, lap and tray!

Full coverage- the turtleneck catches all the dribbles, long sleeves protect arms, and the lap pocket catches all the rest

Quick and easy- basic Velcro neck-closure and elastic that grips the bottom of the tray

Comfortable for baby- lightweight nylon-like material is as light as a feather and soft as a whisper

Clean-up is a breeze- it can be wiped off, swirled around in warm water, or toss it in the washer

  • lime green color for boys and girls
  • for ages 9m+
  • fits most high chairs with a tray
  • lead-free, and PVC-free
  • mom-invented
  • 100% polyester
  • machine washable

About Smocket Pocket

As Creative Product Director of First & Main, Inc., Nancy Holes makes plush products for children and is always thinking about solutions to products and problems, much like moms do at home. After endless ruined outfits and hours of cleaning the floor and baby after mealtimes, Nancy recognized the need for a solution to highchair messes and clothing stains and found that while traditional bibs don't provide sufficient coverage they can also be quite uncomfortable for the baby’s neck! It was then that she came up with the idea for the first and only, one-piece bib and tray cover….the Smocket Pocket!

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