SwimZip Rashguard

Say goodbye to the pulling and squishing that can happen as you put on and take off your little one's swim shirt. These easy-on, easy-off zippered swim shirts will ensure that your tot has all the sun protection they need without the hassle of traditional rash guards. Great with any bathing suit, your child will want to wear their SwimZip both in and out of the pool!

One blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence more than doubles a person's chances of developing melanoma later in life. -Skin Cancer Foundation


  • UPF 50+ rating
  • full zipper front
  • flat seams
  • quality stretch lycra/nylon construction
  • zipper flap for safer zipping
  • chlorine resistant
  • comfy tagless neck
  • protective collar

The UPF 50+ zipper rash guard swim shirts are the comfortable solution to trying to pull sticky, wet rash guards off the heads of children. Pulled hair, yanked necks, stretched shoulders, ripped out ponytails, and squashed noses make children run away from other swim shirts. The SwimZip family's own experiences with children refusing to wear their rash guards led them to design a zipper rash guard that children will actually enjoy putting on - because they know it will be simple to get off. Helping children feel comfortable while keeping them protected from the sun is paramount, so the seams were made flat, the neck tagless, and a zipper guard was included to help prevent pinched skin in the zipper.


(measured in cm)

neck width 11
arm length 36
body width 27
body length 36

About SwimZip

SwimZip is a family run business that prioritizes customer satisfaction and a comfortable, quality product. The zipper rash guard swim shirts were designed with their family and friends in mind. Having spent countless hours with infants, toddlers, and young children at the beach, pool, and in the summer sun -- and experienced countless battles trying to keep them protected from the sun's harmful UV rays -- the family wanted a swimsuit product that was both protective from the sun AND comfortable to take on and off. SwimZip wants the best for kids - and they hope you enjoy the results!

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