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Give your little one a plush Bearington Collection Wee friend to cuddle with at naptime or anytime. These adorable creations are made with the softest and finest fabrics around and will surely become a new favorite.

It MUST be a Bearington!

Your babe's new Wee friend is perfectly sized at 9" x 8" - just right for snuggles.

About Bearington Collection

Welcome to the Bearington Collection, a family company dedicated to creating adorable and affordable plush gifts, collectibles and accessories. The love of teddy bears drew the Stray family to the industry in the beginning, and although they worked in sales for a number of respected industry leaders, they always dreamed of owning their own company. Throughout the past 14 years, the Stray family has worked side by side to create today's Bearington Collection® that is loved by plush enthusiasts from around the world. While there have been lots of changes in the product line over the past decade, the care and dedication put into creating charming plush items filled with personality has remained the same.

additional images white wee lamby
bearington lamb
additional images blue wee polky
bearington bear
additional images pink wee dottie
bearington bear
additional images pink wee cottontail
bearington bunny
additional images blue wee waggles
bearington puppy
additional images pink wee wiggles
bearington puppy
additional images white wee kitty
bearington kitten




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