Earth Mama Angel Baby Pregnancy Pampering Kit

Let's face it - pregnancy and delivery is the ultimate labor of love! Nothing spells celebration (or appreciation) like a once-in-a lifetime deal on Earth Mama Angel Baby's deliciously thoughtful Pregnancy Pampering Kit!

After all lucky mama, you're expecting an angel baby! Which means you need some pampering, gal, before it all becomes about that wee one. Your body may be putting you to the test, but that's all the more reason to treat it to the Pregnancy Pampering Kit, a perfectly natural pregnancy gift no matter what type of birth you are planning.

Head-to-toe products coddle you through morning sickness, itchy stretch marks, swollen feet and prenatal hemorrhoids. And there's even a sampler box of our best-selling USDA Certified 100% Organic and Certified Kosher teas formulated for pregnancy's most common discomforts.


Indulge your Expectancy with Mamas Pregnancy Pampering Kit. Grab it for yourself, or treat a special mama-in-waiting you know!

  1. Every Earth Mama Angel Baby product rates a “0” for toxins on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ Skin Deep database
  2. Clinically tested products
  3. Hospital approved

Thank you for such wonderful products. I love the concept, the content, and the design. I really feel nurtured by these wonderful herbal remedies and feel connected with the ancient wisdom that women have held and utilized through the ages." Nicole C. Dunn Loring, VA

"I just had to tell you how excited and pleased I am with your products & service. We received the Pregnancy Pampering Kit for my daughter almost overnight and couldn't wait to give it to her, even though it was meant for her first Mother's Day!" Margie H. NV

"For my birthday my Mom had a beautiful Pregnancy Pampering Kit sent to my front door. The packaging alone is incredible - I love that you have real pregnant women. They are all so beautiful - every color and age - it's awesome. Thank you!!!! That your products are not tested on animals is very important to me, and I love that they are also vegan. I am grateful to conscious companies who take the time to do things right. I am thrilled to find like minded people in the world and had to take a moment to express this." Bella Los Angeles, CA

"A dear friend sent me a Pregnancy Pampering Kit during my pregnancy. It was all delicious. But the rave part is for your Natural Stretch Oil. It was the most heavenly scent I have ever smelled. Not only did I pamper my belly with it, I spread it on all parts of my body - at least all that I could reach! And I used it for a pick-me-up. Every time I felt tired, or down, or like I couldn't go on, or wondered how could any woman cope with all that pregnancy brings, I'd get out my little precious vial and take a whiff... Or two. Or three. I'd feel revived from my toes up. What a gift!" Julie S. CPCC





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