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Signing Time

Here it is, drum roll please, the FIRST product that gets the BabySteals.com 'Steal' of Approval! It was incredibly easy for me to pick. All I needed to decide was what was the one product I couldn't live without in raising Baby Jane? Easy. The Award Winning Sign Language Videos Signing Time!

We have been signing to Jane since she was 4 months old. We were introduced to Signing Time when she was 9 months and she has LOVED it ever since. Long before she could talk to us she has communicated with signs, to the amazement of people that didn't know that babies can sign before they can talk! Jane is turning 2 this Friday (sniff sniff, they grow so fast) and she knows so many signs that it's impossible to count. When asked, "show me the sign for.......," she is always proud to show the sign.

Because of Signing Time, Jane knows every letter of the alphabet by sight, every color by sign and sight, can count from 1-22, and knows 1-10 by sight. It is astounding to watch her. She was even one of the children chosen to be filmed in the next series of Baby Signing Time! They truly are the best baby sign language videos!

Delight your child with Rachel, Alex and Leah and the fantastic music incorporated into a fun-filled and educational half hour! If you're already a fan of Signing Time, you'll know what we mean when we say that in our house, every frog is named Hopkins and all pizzas are Silly. Thanks to Rachel and the Signing Time gang!



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Love Signing Time! Great first steal!


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