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What do YOU want?

Hi mommies! Before my baby wakes up I thought I'd solicit your feedback on some STEALS! Is there something you check our site everyday in hopes to see? Is there a particular baby or maternity item that you're scouring the web for the best deal on? If so, we wanna know! Drop us an email; , post a comment, write on our facebook wall, whatever you like. This site is for YOU and we'd love to know what you're looking for and bring you what you want! Feel free to share if you're expecting, ages of your other babies and kids, what you like and don't like about our site, etc! We love hearing from you!


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Blogger Melanie Says:

Currently I would love to see a cute diaper bag appear. I bought one from 2 Red Hens before my son was born in October and although I love the look of the bag, all of the handles are coming unsewn...so, I'm on a search for a fabulous, yet inexpensive diaper bag. You guys might do a spin off like www.woot.com where they sell several items over the course of a day. We refer to this as a "woot-off". Love the site...keep it up!

Blogger babysteals.com Says:

Thanks, Melanie! Keep your eyes peeled, because we will be featuring a HOT diaper bag very soon! Also, every once in a while we will have what we term "Baby Showers", which is exactly what you're talking about. More in our FAQ page: https://babysteals.com/faq.php

Blogger Emily Says:

I would love to see the Signing Time DVD's, I love them but they are pricey, so to get them at a steal would be great!

Blogger Ashhog Says:

I would love to see signing time DVD's also. I also love Veggie Tales so those DVD's and CD's would be great too! I also love the rockabye CD's. I will be thinking of other things b/c I LOVE this site and plan on spending way too much money here! :)

Blogger Gina Says:

I would love to see a mei tai style of sling/baby carrier. I already have a pouch sling and an adjustable ring sling, but the mei tai's look perfect now that my baby is getting a little older. Great site, LOVE it!

Blogger Gina Says:

One more! I would really like to see the Boon Animal Bags-great for storing stuffed animals, cute, washable and eco-friendly because it has no foam fillers. I love the colors, too! (NO I don't work for them, I just want one!)

Blogger Jinii Says:

I just found your sight and I love it! My husband and I are expecting our little girl in August. I like Melanie would love to see some cute diaper bags. I would also love to see the giraffe zoobie. I would also love to see some sleep sacs.

Blogger Madsons Says:

I would love to see more maternity clothing! I loved the top from expected maternity, but I just didn't want that color. Babys are so expensive, so it would be great to have cute clothes that weren't!


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