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Stuff for Sprouts

Stuff for Sprouts, good for soothing every dry and crunchy part of your kid, but I'm going to use the product for something far more important.  Some of these little beauties are going to be safely stored until I get pregnant with baby #3.  Why?  Smell.  They smell so very lovely, like chocolate and muffins.  I'm going to pile it on under my nose as soon as morning sickness starts and keep it coming for 6 months.  Yes, I puke for 6 months when pregnant!

In the meantime I'm going to buy a few for my littlest guy.  He inherited mama's dry skin and when you suck your thumb at night things get ugly.  The little lip balm case is so easy to open and it's flat, so it's not rolling anywhere.  Thank goodness, I've lost enough tube-ey shaped dry skin products.  It smells like food so the little tank doesn't mind me slathering him in it.

Since we love you.. well, since Stuff for Sprouts loves you, you can get 15% off your order by using this coupon code:

15% discount
coupon code: BBYSTL15
for items purchased from stuff4sprouts.com

p.s.  friends and family, i am NOT pregnant!  yet.


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