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A few left sale!

Sometimes, after we're sold out and we're finished shipping orders for the day, we have a few left. Maybe one, two, maybe three. Sometimes a card is declined, (keep your expiration numbers updated with Google, that's usually the problem!) sometimes we count wrong, whatever. I'm sitting here shipping your Stuff for Sprouts lotions and looking at these other great steals that we have a few left of and thinking, why not hook a mama up?

So, be happy you checked out our blog this afternoon! To check them out and purchase, click the links!

HugaMonkey Sling in Kona Crush - SOLD OUT

BabyBanz swimsuit in Orange - SOLD OUT

Dittany Baby SkidPants - SOLD OUT

May the fastest fingers win! AND- keep an eye on our blog in the late afternoons. If we have a few left from the previous day for whatever reason, we'll post it here for the taking for the fastest fingers!

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