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Wall Murals by
Elephants on the Wall

We love these wall murals! They are easy, do-it-yourself, and are the perfect weekend project. Why pay someone hundreds when you can do it yourself and steal it today! (additional images below)

Easy as 1, 2, 3 !
1. TAPE the transfer paper and pattern to the wall.
2. TRACE the design onto the wall.
3. PAINT the areas with the corresponding colors on the color guide.

Perfect for the "artistically challenged."
They are even reusable and reversible!
All kits include: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.

Barnyard Doorhugger
Your favorite barnyard friends don't take up much space, they just peek around the edge of your door to welcome you into the room. They include a big brown horse, a tan & white cow, a happy little lamb and a cute little pink pig. $34.95, 5'-6" tall, 2' wide

Corner & Vine Fairies
Whisking in and out of the flower vines, these pretty little fairies pause for a moment to brighten the space above your child's bed, dresser or bookshelf. Pair them up with the Enchanted Tree House or the Pixie Playground. Corner Fairy: 12" tall 8" wide. Vine Fairy: 1'- 7 " tall 2' wide

This trio of treehuggers will keep a friendly eye over you. The fox peeks out from behind the tree as the bear cub climbs up the tree to where the sly squirrel waits. These go perfectly with the other Woodland Critter murals! Make your room into a friendly forest of critters today! 7'-5" tall 2' wide

Additional Images