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Baby Diner Lil' Diner 2 Packs

Nothing tickles your kiddo's funny bone quite like throwing food and dishes around. Which is why the Baby Diner is absolutely genius. This miraculous contraption suction cups your baby's dishes to the table or high chair so it stays put! Simply press the Baby Diner to any smooth tabletop, then press your plate or bowl on top of the Baby Diner...and voila! You have secured your dinnerware and prevented accidental (and intentional) knocking or throwing dishes on the floor.

Works great with smooth, non-porous materials like plastic, ceramic, glass, china, stoneware and melamine dishes and is:

  • Portable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Measures 6 inches in diameter x 1.5 inches high
  • Proudly made in the USA

How it Works:

Step 1: To attach baby diner to table or other smooth surface - place the device to the desired position with the dual suction cup side down towards the table. Now press down on inner circle of protective skirt until firmly attached.

Step 2: Attach the smooth underside surface of any dish directly over suction cup and press down firmly to seal. The skirt that sits just below the suction cup acts as a balance and also prevents the child from reaching in between the suction cup and the table.

Step 3: To detach - slide your fingertip between the dish and the suction cup to break the seal. Or alternatively, use a dull utensil such as a butter knife to break the seal, using caution not to cause injury to yourself or others, or damage the dish or suction


The Lil' Diner Plate Saver was invented by a father who was frustrated with the restaurant experience since becoming a parent. Once Jesse Jr. became old enough to eat at the table, dad realized that this meant choosing between: A) feeding Jr. off a clean restaurant plate that he would most likely throw to the ground; B) feeding Jr. off the dirty restaurant table after trying in vain to wipe it with a baby wipe; or C) relying on store bought solutions which all entailed regular washings with soap and water after every use. The father set about creating a fourth option; a tool that would allow a child to eat off of a regular smooth bottom sided plate or bowl from any restaurant without the worry of it falling to the floor and assurance of a sanitary dining experience for his little one!


"If you have kids or grandkids who like to use their dinner plates as frisbees then you need a Lil' Diner. Life is better now that I don't have to walk across the floor and step on spilled food. The Lil' Diner will help those little rascals focus on eating instead of playing with their food." - Don , a thankful grandparent

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