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Zoobie Surprise Steal - Birthday!

Storytime classics come to life with these amazing gift sets from Zoobie Pets. Same hidden blanket functionality, but in the adorable literary character Spotâ„¢ the Puppy. The sweetest little travel companion your little one will ever have! Oh, and did we mention how soft and cuddly Spot is?!

Stuffed animal? Check. Pillow? Check. Blankie? Check.

What is a Zoobie Pet? Find out more with this informative video!

Simple to Use: Unlatch velcro to transform animal into cuddly pillows. Simply unzip the zipper located at the bottom to expose large inner blanket. Instructional tag illustrates how to properly fold up the blankets.

Zoobie Storytime Collection Pet Features:

  • large, 53"x34" super soft fleece blanket inside
  • blanket zips off/on for easy machine washing
  • 19.5" L
  • 100% polyester
  • Zoobie Pet Care instructions: machine wash blanket, tumble dry. Outer pouch: spot wash (if machine washed, using a lingerie bag is recommended).


Spot, the mischievous yet helpful yellow puppy, is sure to be your child's most loyal companion. With a brown spot on each side of his body and a brown tip on his tail, Spot is simply too adorable to resist. The Zoobies team has worked hard to bring Eric Hills storybook character to life. Not only is Spot a plush toy, but a pillow with a uniquely printed blanket zipped inside. This product is sure to be a hit for children and collectors alike, so snuggle up to your very own Spot today.

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