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Archive for January, 2009

More More More! Kee-Ka Madness

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

All your Kee-Ka needs in one handy dandy BabySteals.com page. So many of you emailed wanting to know if we had this size or that pattern so Emily hooked you up with all of them! So if it’s not here, we don’t have it!

Watch for the leggings to make a reappearance soon

Order one for you and three for your best friends- HERE


More Kee-Ka

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Short-sleeve tees!

Sweetpea, Little Prince, Honey Bunny and Cupcake.

Get ‘em before they’re gone HERE!
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Baby Emi Anklet Winner!

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Congrats to…….

I would love to give this to my friend who just found out she’s having a little girl…after 3 IVFs she finally got pregnant and this would be a really special and unique gift!

We need your address!  Check your email.


Save Handmade

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

There are 8 children as part of the BabySteals.com family and as all parents, we strive to do what we can every day to ensure their safety and well being. We all want safe products for our children and the good news is that a lot of focus is out there right now on making products safer. However, one year ago, when the transgressions of some big importers started a big scare in the toy market for lead contamination concerns, a flood of news reports resulted warning parents about some unsafe products coming into the United States from abroad and particularly from China. It was this that prompted Congress to take action and thus created the ill-conceived CPSIA- Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act,  that goes into effect on February 10th. Although the overall purpose of this act is sound; to prevent and ban any childrens product in the US from exceeding certain restrictions on lead and phthalates, it was a knee-jerk reaction that will put thousands upon thousands of manufacturers, artisans, and crafters of baby and childrens products out of business instantly. Why? Because this legislation is requiring all childrens products for sale to be tested for lead (up to age 12) even if it is already manufactured. Sounds reasonable at first glance, but this is even if it is made from materials that don’t naturally contain lead, or any other toxic chemicals for that matter. This includes the knitted baby blankets that your grandmother makes all winter and sells at the local craft fair in the spring. It includes the wonderful handmade products made by mom-preneuers that you love to buy for your children on great sites such as Etsy, eBay, your local or online baby boutiques, and yes, some have been featured on BabySteals.com! Many of these mom-preneuers that make these products can not afford the third party testing required to deem their product legal to sell.

What can you do to help? Take 5 minutes of your time, and do the following!

-Find your congress person and senators and write a letter similar to the sample here.

-Send an email to the CPSC

-I think Cool Mom Picks says it best (don’t they always!) They have great resources on their site that link to more information.

As we mentioned earlier, the good news is that products overall made by larger companies will become safer for our children. We just want to help keep the companies that make products that are already safe in business and not penalize them for the faults of the big importers.

As always, be assured everything you purchase from BabySteals.com will comply with this law and we will keep you running to your computer at 9am MST and bring you the steals!