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New and Updated Secret Steals!

Monday, December 21st, 2009

It’s like a BabyShower (when we feature everything we’ve got all at once in one day) but on the blog!

Here are some updated links to very limited quantity steals, and a few very sought after new ones.

*Updated 1/3 with some more shopping FUN!*

Chic Tots Chic & Carry Wristlet

Bical Grippers in Green Stripe, Giraffe, and Purple Check

Umi Cuddle for girls

The Baby Bunch It’s a ‘bunch’ of baby clothes!

Little Girl Flip Flops by Kenneth Cole Reaction!

BICAL Grippers! Piggie, Baseball

BICAL Grippers – BFF, Flame, Parfait


BABY KAED Diaper Bags!!

dreamy PAIGE LAUREN blankets!

LUCKY JADE blankets


miYim Chester SOLD OUT

pip Organic outfits! SOLD OUT

Halo Velboa Sleep Sacks SOLD OUT

Moby Knit Hats SOLD OUT

Caden Lane Spill Mats! SOLD OUT

Rabbit Moon Blankets SOLD OUT

Metro Wraps with Bling from Metro Mamma SOLD OUT!


Signing Time!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

In case you haven’t heard, Signing Time music videos are now on Nick Jr.! Catch “In a House”, “Groove with Me”, and “Feelings” in regular rotation between shows! Yeah! I personally wrote them and begged suggested that they air the full DVD’s.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about….read on!

Anyone who is a long time fan of BabySteals knows that I am a big fan of the Children’s DVD series Signing Time!

I’ve often bragged about how many signs my cute baby Jane knew because of Signing Time. I’m pretty picky about the TV my kids watch – they don’t get much at all (especially when they’re babies and toddlers), but sometimes you just NEED that 20 minutes for them to sit still by you while you finish the dishes (or take a break yourself!) Well, soon after Jane started signing “milk” at 9 months when she was hungry and “more” when she wanted more, I was sold. Pretty soon the whole family (including my older kids) were singing along with Rachel to tunes like “Colors of the Rainbow”:

Signing Time was the only TV show or DVD that kept Jane entertained, yet she (and everyone else in the house) was learning so much at the same time! Bottom line, it helped her communicate with us before she could talk. Thus, less tantrums = happier child. Jane even auditioned to be in Baby Signing Time 4, and got in (view at approx 1:43)! (ok, she got in the crying part. You’ll see when you watch Baby Signing Time 4.) You can even see a few tiny seconds of me (with much longer hair) wiping her tears and opening her can of pears.

See for yourself, here are two cute videos of Jane showing off her signs (hey, every mom thinks their kid is a genius, right? I’m no different!)

Well, now I’ve told you, mom to mom, and BabySteals owner (who’s seen lots of baby products) to BabySteals customer, the ONE thing I wouldn’t ever do without for my babies, is Signing Time. And other moms that work here at BabySteals feel the same way. Now you know! But, don’t take it from me. Signing Time fans, comment and give  moms the scoop!

And consider this a fair warning. Do not, I repeat, do not miss tomorrow’s steal. :)


Secret Steals!

Friday, December 11th, 2009

We keep getting feedback from our customers that they’re SO jealous of the Utah moms that can come to the store at our warehouse and buy BabySteals! (and KidSteals and ScrapbookSteals while they’re at it!) So I figured, why not give everyone a chance at some of the past steals as if they were walking around our store!

We’ve given our facebook fans a sneak peek at some of these steals and now it’s time to post them here. I’ll be adding and deleting things over the weekend so check back a few times!

Place each order separately but steal away because there is VERY limited quantity left!

Just added: Caden Lane Spill Mats!

Christmas Items:

Gorgeous Holiday outfits by le top

“Snow Much Fun” 3-6 month outfits by Baby Kaed



Little Girl Flip Flops by Kenneth Cole Reaction!

BICAL Grippers! Piggie, Football, Baseball

BICAL Grippers – 4 more patterns

Squeak Me Shoes!


miYim Organic Peaceful Dreams Chester Stuffed Animal (GREAT gift!)


Metro Wraps with Bling from METRO MAMMA (only one each left!)


Diaper Bags:

BABY KAED Diaper Bags!!
BUMBLE COLLECTION Natalie Bag in Emerald Palace! 



dreamy PAIGE LAUREN blankets!

LUCKY JADE blankets


PIP Organic outfits!



And the winner is…

Friday, December 11th, 2009

…and the winner of the Lion from Playful World is….


Comment #11007, Sheila P! She said, “The Bowling Buddies were made in Kyrgyzstan.
Thank you :o )”

Congratulations Sheila, check your email!