SoS! We’ll Save You!

Hey Steals fans!

Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you’re thinking about tomorrow’s steal?

Do you anxiously refresh our page at 9 am?

Do your friends and family know not to contact you during that time?

Do you have a special budget set aside each month just for BabySteals, Kidsteals and/or ScrapbookSteals?

Does your postman know your name due to the large volume of steals that you receive?

Do you seek out steals at the expense of your well-being?

Has your husband threatened to kick you out of the house because of your Steals addiction?

Have you threatened to kick him out of the house to make room for more Steals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a
Steals Addict

Steals addicts need to join Society of Stealers (SoS), a group of women banded together by one commonality…stealing. SoS is here to help you! Ladies, this is therapy! A place to get an extra Steals fix once a month and connect with a support group of other addicts–friends you can turn to for support when your husband is going to kick you out of the house.

There’s no high like a Steals high when you just scored the most amazing steal! This will help get you by until you can get that again. SoS will support you!

Connect with BS/KS/SS staff and fellow Steals kleptos for monthly chats, local activities, surprises and whole lot of fun!

BabySteals, KidSteals and ScrapbookSteals addicts
What: Live chat
When: Tonight! July 29 at 7:30 pm MST.
Where: Ustream (set up your account at

Why: Because we love our fans! ♥  And everyone needs a little therapy session.

~See you there!~

Steal Network does not guarantee being a part of the Society of Stealers will relieve your addiction. In fact, we’re pretty sure it will only make you love us more.

  • cheryl
    Can someone tell us how it went? I was sad that i couldn't make it!
  • Chomosp
    How do I get on this?
  • Valeygrrl
    i dont see anything.....
  • D.
    YES!!!!! GREAT TIMING :)
  • Gail S
    yikes! this is def. needed.
  • Mel_Seguin
    YAY!!! I'll have to go hide in my room so my husband doesn't call me a geek! lol
  • Monica
    I hope my LO is settled in bed by then!
  • Fgilliann
    wait there is a i do need some therapy!
  • Candi Daley
    ugh, 7:30 MST??? that sux :(
  • cricketstina
    hmm too bad I'll be packing for camping
  • The_royalfamily
    LOL I love it!
  • Lisa
    Oh I'd like to be there...have to see though...that's right when I'm usually getting the girls ready for bed ;-)
  • Staci Jones
    Yes!!! My husband just went out of town for work meetings and this is perfect! Thank you so much!
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