SoS Chat + Tips for Stealing on the Go!


After all the holiday shopping madness, I think it’s time for some SoS (don’t know what that is? Find out here)!

This time let’s chat about reminding yourself of steal time. How many of you have had a much-desired item stolen right out of your cart? Our customers learn quickly that it’s called a steal for a reason — you have to be fast! Sometimes there’s no time to wait for the email alert or when you remember later on. The problem? You’re busy and on-the-go with caring for your kids and juggling about 18 other tasks. Don’t worry, Society of Stealers is here to help! Here are some great ideas to remind yourself of steal time and steal on the go!

1. Download the Today’s Steal iPhone app.

When you are on-the-go, that means you need to be able to steal wherever you are. Our solution – the Today’s Steal iPhone and iPad app! Not only does it make stealing from your phone easy, you can also turn on notifications to be reminded of steal time. Watch this quick video to show just how simple stealing really is!

2. Visit our mobile sites.

Need to steal on the go, but don’t have an iPhone? Check out our mobile sites which make stealing much simpler.

3. Set an alarm.

Go into your phone settings and set an alarm for 9am and/or 9pm each day. Worried about waking baby? Make sure it’s set to vibrate when the sound is off.

4. Use your stealing buddy.

When you aren’t able to steal, make sure you have a backup that can do it for you. Your mom, sister, BFF, or your hubby (though you may want to be careful…he could see your stealing history!!!)

5.  Follow us on Twitter!

We post the steals of the day each day on Twitter. Get the inside information and follow us @babysteals, @kidsteals and @scrapbooksteals.

Now that you’re all prepped to steal, join our chat this afternoon. Click here to join the chat.

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