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Itzy Ritzy Peek-A-Boo Pod

The wind might blow, the sun might shine a little too bright for little faces and eyes, the rain might make an unexpected appearance, and people love to peek at baby when it isn't always welcomed—the usual solution? A loose blanket draped over your baby's car seat. The better solution? An Itzy Ritzy® Peek-A-Boo Pod! Baby will be comfortable and protected all year long with this convenient fabric shell. Plus, unlike a loose, flimsy blanket, this cover isn't going anywhere. The Peek-A-Boo Pod creates a true safe haven for your little one and gives a little peace of mind to you.

Born into Style

The universal fit is designed to provide secure coverage over any infant car seat—simply slip over your infant car seat for immediate use.


  • convenient fabric shell pod helps protect baby from germs, wind, sun and those prying fans
  • peek-a-boo opening allows access to baby without disturbing them
  • secure coverage
  • universal fit
  • handle opening for non-slip grip
  • elastic band secures and allows for easy on and off
  • exterior pocket for convenient storage of pacifiers, cell phones, car keys or other items
  • fits easily in your diaper bag
  • comes with reusable packaging for storage or gifting
  • made of 100% cotton
  • machine washable

Machine wash delicate with like colors and without bleach, line dry recommended.


  • start with infant car seat carrier handle in the upright position
  • align the Peek-A-Boo Pod™ opening over carrier handle
  • secure elastic around the carrier with Peek-A-Boo™ opening in the front

About Itzy Ritzy®

Itzy Ritzy® is committed to bringing parents innovative products that are modern, functional, and make parenting in style easier. Found in over 1,000 stores worldwide, Itzy Ritzy® is popular with discerning parents and celebrities.

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