Petunia PickleBottom Slings

Sojourn Sling
Sparrows On The Seine

From the far flung reaches of Finland, to the shell-strewn shores of Saint Lucia, the Sojourn Sling provides a snug, fashion-forward approach to globetrotting for mom and baby. An innovative pouch-style sling designed for comfort and versatility, the Sojourn Sling features an exclusive reversible Petunia print on 100% organic cotton.

With unprecedented functionality, the Sojourn Sling is a “must have” for stylish moms to tote their precious little ones.

Serenity Sling
Honeysuckle Roll

A hushed, tranquil sanctuary for baby in the bustle of the everyday, the Serenity Sling combines stylish details and functionality with the comfort and versatility of a pouch-style sling. Finished with an exclusive PPB brocade exterior, the Serenity Sling was designed with the fashion minded mother-and-baby travel team in mind.

Correct sizing for Slings by Petunia® is essential for the comfort and safety of both mom and baby. If you have a PPB sling that is too big your baby will not feel secure and you will risk back and shoulder pain. If your PPB sling is too small you probably won’t be able to get your baby in or will feel like you can’t breathe. Slings by Petunia® are designed to fit snug but not too snug. The Sling by Petunia® is designed to fit the person wearing it. Use this size chart to help determine the proper size.

To find the above measurements, use a soft measuring tape to measure the distance from one shoulder to the opposite hip bone by measuring diagonally across your body. For the above chest measurement, measure the full circumference just under your armpits and above (not over) the fullest part of your bust. Men sizing follows the same guidelines.
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