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Organic BabyLegs

The jewel of the stone fruits. These organic BabyLegs combine wine with the deepest purple for a sophisticated splash of color and class.

Stay solidly warm with these charcoal-grey Organic BabyLegs, the perfect neutral for every winter wardrobe, and always appropriate at the office.

La Mer
Just the right shade of kelp-colored teal to imagine ocean waves lapping at your warm arms and legs. These organic BabyLegs add a subtle touch of life under the sea to any outfit on land.

O Rose
Pure and true, these white BabyLegs are blooming with the daintiest red roses on olive green vines. They’ll make you feel so cozy; you’ll fall in love all over again every time you wear them.

Ever wanted something that your baby won't outgrow each season? Something to keep their little tootsies warm? Something to keep their cute and chubby knees from chafing when they scoot and crawl? Babylegs are the answer!

Is it cold outside? Tug on the Babylegs and stretch the fabric over their feet for extra warmth!

Taking baby's diaper off for an air-out? Babylegs make it cozy!

Did we mention they're so very cute? The smartest yet hippest accessory you can get for baby. And even better, you can get it here at the babysteals.com price! But hurry, get yours before they're gone! (Don't forget sister and best friend's baby!)

What sizes do BabyLegs come in?

One size fits most. Standard size 33cm fits most, from newborn to 10 year olds. Adults also wear BabyLegs on their arms or on their legs like toeless knee high’s.

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