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Momspit - Because You Know You're Going To

Because you know you're going to spit on your kid. Every mom does it. Every kid hates it.

What? You've never spit on your kid? Really? I bet your laundry is always put away and you use the reflection in your clean kitchen floor to just dust on a bit of blush, cause that's all you need. And you love your mother-in-law, and dirt exists only when camping. Right?

Get over it. Get MomSpit.


the gigi blanki company giveaway

Update - Contest is now closed

It's important to note the prize for this giveaway didn't happen overnight. Why? Because each gigi blanket is handmade, as it is ordered. You pick a fabric for the front, one for the back and a trim. Endless possibilities, everyone of them silky soft. And I mean soft. Cuddly, fuzzy and warm. The perfect little blanket for your little one. Easily customizable to match the nursery.

Want to win one?
How about this one?

{ strolli } 30" x 35"
An Opulent Take-Along Blanket
Great for day trips to the zoo, napping at grandma's, or as a posh crib blanket, these "strollin' snugglers" are the ultimate in comfort. Three different fabrics give babies lots of texture to explore and keep little hands busy.

Contest ends Friday July 25th at 9am MST. Winner announced here Friday July 25th at 5pm MST.


Nursing Bracelet Winner

We have a winner! Here's how we found her.

First we put Facebook and MySpace in a hat. We drew one and Facebook won.

My little nephew picked a number, and the winner is...

Our Facebook Friend Sara Chau from Seattle, WA!

Send us an , we need your address.



Who needs more chocolate? If you're not raising your hand clearly you aren't pregnant.

Remember the cravings? They are no joke. When you need chocolate, you need it asap, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I have been trying to save the Chocolate Cuddles that Bellybar sent for my next pregnancy. No success. They're all gone, the Citrus on Boards chews are gone also. I I don't like healthy food, like my father if I know it's good for me I get suspicious and decide before trying anything it's must taste like compressed salted sawdust. I was a little nervous to review the Bellybar products for that very reason.

How surprised I was.

"New moms and moms-to-be need extra nutrients – before, during and after pregnancy. Which is why we created Bellybar. Packed with key prenatal nutrients, Bellybar satisfies your need for something nutritious and your craving for something delicious. And, it delivers the essential iron, foic acid, calcium, protein and Omega-3 DHA that you and your baby need. With Bellybar, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that OB/GYNs, midwives, doulas and healthcare providers recommend it. So, unwrap a bar, and discover why women crave Bellybar long after they’ve given birth."

Yeah, all that and it tastes good. Which in my opinion wins the battle!


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Savvy Tots

Look at my savvy little tots. 

Savvy sassy sayings on tees and bodysuits so thick and soft they'll last through your kids and your grandkid's kids.


p.s. If your child won't sit still for a modeling shoot, hold him upside-down!



Who needs more BabyLegs?

Organic BabyLegs.

Hmmmm, where might one get a great deal on organic BabyLegs?...


Go Baby Nursing Bracelet Giveaway


A stylish way to track your baby's feeding times! Hand-made using top-quality glass beads so you can wear it anywhere and no one will know that it is a baby product!

How it works: Simply move the clasped charm in between the appropriate number bead to track the time of feeding. Nursing mothers can also move the bracelet from wrist to wrist to keep track of which side they nursed on last.

Contest ends Friday July 18th at 9am MST. Winner announced here Saturday July 19th at 9am MST!

Don't want to risk not winning? You can get your own nursing bracelet from Go Baby.



Sleepy Wrap baby wrap baby carrier

Since becoming involved with babysteals I realized (too late) that a sling is necessary if you have any more than 1 child and any less than 3 arms. The first few months after my second child, The Weeb, was born I went to bed nightly chastising myself for being irritated that the sweet little bundle of baby wouldn't let me put him down for 5 minutes so I could do important things like load the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry or use the restroom. At one point late in my pregnancy I started to think, "maybe I should pick up one of those wrappy baby thingys, now that I'll have two." Those ideas were always immediately followed by, "nah, I'm not a vegan peace corps activitst, I'm sure I'd just look weird."

Mamas and dads, I am here to tell you- a wrap will save your life. I've been slinging my 1 year old around for a month or two and I can't believe what a time saver they are. Two free arms! I can do anything!

The Sleepy Wrap is especially nice for your littlest one. Easy to slide in and once your all put together its like you glued the kid to your skin, with a lovely wrap shirt on the outside.

Trust me. You need one.


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Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag Winner

Congrats to...


Your the winner of our Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag!

Check your email, we need your address!

Thanks for all the entries, we were overwhelmed. Stay tuned, another giveaway coming soon.