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Blush {Your Topless Undershirt}

Blush Accessories welcomes you to a product that helps adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly. This is a shirt that is to be worn like a tube top, but around the waist. Our product is made of a poly/rayon/spandex blend, allowing a huge amount of stretch and great support.

FOR MATERNITY As our bodies change, it is nice to have an accessory the helps our clothes adapt to our ever-changing shape. Keep the wardrobe you already have and use the {topless undershirt} to help cover your belly as your shirts start to ride up. If you are at the stage where you are unbuttoning the top of your pants, use the undershirt single layered or doubled over to help hold them up and hide your exposure! This way you can wear the jeans you already have before having to wear maternity ones. If you are planning to nurse, continue to wear the undershirt so you can lift your shirt without exposing your tummy and back. This product helps add extra support and add a variety of outfits to your wardrobe.

FOR EVERYONE If you love the look of layering without adding the extra bulk and straps, this is a product for you. Unlike a tank top or long shirt, it does not have straps which cause your undershirt to constantly ride up. It stays put without having to always readjust. Without straps, you are not limited to where the length of your shirt falls. You can adjust to any length, whether you want it to go just over the top of your pants or all the way down to your thigh. For all your favorite shirts that have shrunk in the dryer….don't throw them away! Just add a {topless undershirt} and you still have the length of the shirt you bought it as.

****There is no difference between maternity and everyone shirts. These are only categorized on the site to show their versatility. For example, if you order a small for you, and a small for your pregnant friend, you will both be receiving the same shirt/size.

Please refer to the size chart to determine what size is best for you. If you are in the beginning stages of your pregnancy, you are able to pick the size you normally wear. There is plenty of stretch in these fabrics which leaves room to grow. If you are nearing the end of your second trimester, we suggest choosing one size larger than normal (understanding everyone's pregnancy is different).

These undershirts are a polyester/rayon/spandex. Since there is no cotton, these should not shrink. Be sure to wash on a normal cycle and tumble dry low or hang dry.****

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