Twin Sisters CD 4-Pack

Thinking back to your childhood, music was so much more than just words and notes. Remember the sense of comfort hearing those familiar songs brought as mommy rocked you to sleep, or grandpa bounced you on his knee? Now with Twin Sisters Wholesome Kids collection, you can create those same cherished moments with your own children. Each CD set has a variety of traditional classics mixed with original songs to fit everyone's taste.

Each set includes:

  • 4 CDs per set
  • classic and original songs
  • 100% recycled packaging
  • PDF lyrics viewable/printable from any home computer

Wholesome Kids: My First Lullabies 2-CD Set: 120 minutes of tender lullabies on 2 CDs. First each lullaby is tenderly sung—perfect for snuggling close to baby. Next, all tracks repeat instrumentally to gently lead baby off to a deep sleep.

Wholesome Kids: Toddler Favorites 2-CD Set: 48 new and traditional children’s songs on 2 Music CDs. Adding song time to a toddler’s daily routine an life-long love of music while developing listening and verbal skills.

Wholesome Kids: Fun Learning Songs 2-CD Set:48 original teaching songs on 2 Music CDs. Jumpstart a child’s learning with songs that teach the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, counting, days of the week, seasons, animals, and more!

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