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Slurp & Burp™

After seeing the need for a product that allows mothers to discreetly and comfortably nurse in public, Missy Reder created the Slurp & Burp™, an innovative nursing accessory that covers the breast without covering the baby.

Using a Slurp & Burp™ is less conspicuous than using a blanket/shawl because it just looks like you're cradling your baby.

What exactly is a Slurp & Burp™?
It is a loop of layered cotton material that is worn like a sash over one shoulder of the mother and under her opposite arm- please refer to wearing instructions. The patented design allows the mother to be covered and the baby to be uncovered. To date, there are two versions of the Slurp & Burp™. One has a burp cloth sewn into the product so baby can be burped as needed while nursing. The second does not have a burp cloth and is used for older babies who no longer need to be burped. A third version with a detachable burp cloth is in the works.

A few special features of the Slurp & Burp™:
- All-in-one product for nursing and burping
- Securely loops around mom for complete coverage, no risk of falling off
- No more hassling with tucking blanket into bra straps or clipping
- Promotes mother/baby bond
- Comfortable for mom and baby—no more fussing with hot, sweaty blankets
- Machine washable/made of lightweight cotton
- Cost effective—price is comparable to the cost of just one nursing top
- Mom can keep her own style—no need to wear unflattering nursing tops
- belly stays covered without the bulk of layering shirts or belly bands
Video Wear Instructions- Made with love in the USA
- Compact, easily fits in purse or diaper bag
- Nursing can be done anywhere
- Able to breastfeed while wearing a dress