Known for producing world class wooden baby and children's toys, HABA offers the quality you would expect from a generations old company steeped in German tradition and committed to producing toys to last a lifetime. Whether your little one likes to stack, pull, or knock things down, these make the perfect first toys.

Colorful Stacking Dice

Four playful discovery cubes that nest, stack and even help teach numbers and counting. Acrylic windows allow images to peek through to fantasy play world of colors. Great for babies fascinated with the concept of hidden objects and contained surprises!

Don Rudolph and Rodrigo Pull Toy

Let's go on an adventure with these charming characters! Don Rudolf and his horse, Rodrigo, form an imaginative pulling vehicle stimulating your child to crawl and toddle. The knight is removable for play on it's own, and the lance and shield are detachable.

Tumbling Band

What child doesn't like knocking stuff down? Play it like a bowling game and stack these adorable whimsical guys up, roll the rubber balls towards them and see how many falls! Do it again, and again, and again...10 cute little wooden gnomes with cheery noses and 4 rubber balls made this set a favorite.

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