Ju-Ju-Be BeSet - Surprise Steal!

If you haven't taken the plunge into the wondrous world of Ju-Ju-Be, dip your toe in and experience the love affair that will surely ensue with this handy set of 3 bags - perfect! Antimicrobial linings, TEFLON® stain resistance, machine wash-ability, indestructable hardware...they thought of everything. Because after all, Ju-Ju-Be makes smart bags for smart people, and since you're brilliant, you're gonna love this stuff.

Be Set Watch a Video Demo Here!

Ju-Ju-Be just made up that word, but that’s what they are…three super cute little bags of different sizes that give you a head start when you’re racing off to the next event. Two fun straps included make this choice a real winner.


  • mini 4½”x3¼”x¾”
  • medium 4½”x8¼”x1½”
  • large 5½”x9”x2"
  1. Satin lined on the inside and Ju-Ju-Be's great standard fabric on the outside
  2. Made with some depth so you can fit a lot in there
  3. D-Rings to attach the long or short straps, make any bag into a wristlet... make the big bags into purses
  4. Gusseted coin purse with extra long zipper so you can get inside
  5. Locking zipper pulls for medicines and other private stuff
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