Go Baby InMat

Moms know that when a baby is your permanent accessory, you often find yourself in situations just wishing you could set your squirmy bundle down on a clean, soft surface to play on the floor. Enter, Go Baby InMat! Smaller than the OutMat, the InMat is perfectly designed to take with you ANYWHERE! Thanks to the soft, 100% suede leather (washable!) backing, the InMat is designed to lie flat and not slip, slide or twist with every move baby makes. Perfect for mommy and me workouts, tummy time, even doctor waiting rooms, its ultra-plush fleece surface offers extra cushioning on hard floors and surfaces. And thanks to the stylish magnetic closure, it rolls up small and neat, making it easy to toss into mom's diaper bag and the best part: it's machine washable!

Go Baby Inmat is fully CPSIA certified!

“Whether working on tummy time, or playing next to mommy during her workout, this machine washable mat is a soft, clean place for your baby.” Moms on the Move .

“We take our InMat to my daughter’s pediatrician appointments with us, so that when she wants to play around on the floor, I even had my husband bring our InMat up to the hospital when my daughter was admitted as a little extra cushioning in her bed. It truly is an amazing accessory that every parent should have..” Pajama Mommy

“No, this isn’t your average plasticy tummy-time mat you will see in large chain stores...Really, the whole design is perfect. ” Rave and Review

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