Mom's Into Fitness Shed 5 Fast & Dance Jam

Spring is just around the corner, and before you know it -- swimsuit season...ack! Winter hibernation usually adds an extra 5 lbs to your waistline. If you've been procrastinating, it's time to take it off - and fast - with these quick & effective DVD's from Lindsey Brinn, fitness mom extraordinaire!

Let's get real, no one loves working out. (If you are one of the few that do, count yourself lucky!) But dancing your way to fitness? And for only 30 minutes a day? That you can do! Fun, fast, and effective, Shed 5 Fast and Dance Jam is something you know you should do for yourself--and you don't have to leave the house to do it!

Success is what happens when you stay consistent! This year don’t rely on pure willpower, it works for very few people. And willpower can turn your positive energy into negative energy when you don’t see results. Remember that 3 weeks can make or break a habit. You can be consistent for that long, right? For best results use Shed 5 Fast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And add Dance Jam on Tuesday and Thursday.


Get rid of extra weight fast with these two total-body workouts that balance toning exercises with bursts of energetic cardio for maximum fat burning in only 30 minutes. This interval training is the most efficient way to burn calories, and two different workouts ensure you won’t hit a plateau during the six week program. You’ll lose five pounds or more in just the first three weeks! Lindsay Brin uses the 3/3 interval method for the most effective fat burning workout - 3 minutes of toning using multiple muscle groups to boost metabolism, and 3 minutes of martial arts/kickboxing to melt fat in exercises that are simple and effective. Follow your level- beginner, intermediate or advanced, or step up your program to advanced as you start to see results.


Let’s be honest, workouts can be boring. And if you’re bored, you won’t want to make exercise a regular part of your week. Join Lindsay Brin and four other former NFL dancers who hung up the white boots to become busy moms, for fun and easy hip hop moves and intense cardio for the waistline-with workouts that work with your schedule. Only have a few minutes a day? The Express Workout will keep you on track. Have a little bit longer? Keep the groove going with no complicated moves and no dance experience required. Want to really rev up your metabolism and keep the calories burning even after the workout is over? Join the Halftime Show and really get things burning. A dance party that is so much fun, you’ll forget you’re working out!

Lindsay Brin is the author of The Cheerleader Fitness Plan, get Fit and Fabulous in 6 weeks, this DVD can be used either on its own or as a perfect companion to the book!




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