The Original Nochi Sleeper

The ultimate in baby luxury, the Original Nochi Sleeper combines luxuriously soft chenille, silky satin, and deluxe minky to solve nighttime cover-kicking, chilly midnight awakenings, endless pajama layering, and bulky blankets inside Baby’s crib and close to Baby's face.

An incredibly beautiful and unique baby gift, or a soft welcome to the world for your little one, the patent-pending design of the Nochi keeps your baby covered while providing ample room to stretch or move. Its delicious chenille offers a warm and comfortable night’s sleep for Baby, which in turn means a restful sleep for Mom.

The Original Nochi Sleeper's front flaps are sewn down securely, so as not to ever cover Baby's face. It is also sewn together at the bottom with a decorative satin ribbon for easy “tucking in” and can easily travel from crib to lay-flat stroller for portable baby comfort.

  • Optimal Sleep Position: Discourages infants from rolling from back to tummy during the night.
  • Convenient: Eliminates bulky or numerous blankets in the crib.
  • Portable: Nochi fits beautifully in everything from lay-flat strollers to cribs.
  • Low Maintenance: 100% machine-washable.
  • Long-Lasting: Sized perfectly to fit most babies from 0-12 months.
  • Quality. Made from the highest-quality, ultra-soft chenille.
  • Warm: keeps baby from kicking off covers.
  • Distinctive: One-of-a-kind patent-pending design is only available in the Original Nochi Sleeper.
  • Chic: Versatile, simple, yet stylish, design will complement any and every baby nursery.
  • Measures 32" long x 18" wide.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
Blue "DoodleBug" Nochi: This blue, baby-boy inspired sleep sack as a vertical pinstripe down the front, and has off-white chenille on the inside.

Pink "Sweetheart" Nochi: This pink, baby-girl inspired sleep sack is embossed with small rosebud swirls on the outside, and has minky off-white chenille on the inside.

Golden "Pumpkin" Nochi: If you're feeling a little more on the wild side, a zebra-imprinted gold Nochi is the pick for you. Its shiny satin trim and versatile, neutral color make it a great choice for any baby.

Ivory "Peanut" Nochi: For the Mommy who wants a "surprise" in the delivery room, this ivory-colored Nochi is the perfect neutral with adorable raised dots down the front and the softest chenille inside.

About My Nochi

Russian for night, the “nochi” made its debut when necessity, the mother of all invention, required grandmother-to-be and craft enthusiast Debbie Stapley to seek a solution to keeping her new granddaughter warm at night during the cold New York winter. Now, several years later, the Nochi Sleeper may be found in baby boutiques and Nordstrom stores across the U.S.

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