Crocheted Hats - "The one Jana has"

Here they are....finally! The semi-infamous crocheted hats termed by you; our fans as "Jana's 1/2 hat". These are the original...yes, the actual kind that Jana has. Available in 3 colors to choose from! But wait, there's more! LIMIT 2 PER PERSON (otherwise I won't know how many to really get for next time!)

Yes, they will also fit your toddler girls! There are two buttons on the back that adjust the sizing. And they're the cutest thing ever on tiny little heads.

Bad hair days no more! Cover it up and head on out to the mall, store, wherever! Just be prepared for the questions from other women "Where did you get that darling hat or headband thing?", and the questions from your husband and other men asking, "What happened to your head?"

PS. Fans, we love you!




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