The Hugawugs Learning Board Books and Soft Plush Play Set

*US - Limit two sets, Canada - Limit one set per order

Don't miss out on this adorable eight piece set introducing The Hugawugs! These silly creatures are curious about everything, just like your little one! Use the set of four board books for early learning fun and let your little one hug and squish the set of furry plush friends!

These fun and interactive early learning board books and plush toys provide lots of opportunities for parents and kids to play and learn together. Sit down, open a Hugawugs book, and explore their fun and silly world! The Hugawugs model polite behavior, kindness toward animals, the importance of exercise, a love for the outdoors, and curiosity. Each set includes:

Four Board Books:

Four Plush Toys:

Learning Tips

Each book can be used for different levels of learning. Babies enjoy the bright, high contrasting colors and illustrations. Parents enjoy the variety of objects they can use to teach their child and the learning concepts presented. As your child grows, you can spend more time with them talking about each page, for example:

Book Detail

Meet the Hugawugs ~ Join the eight Hugawugs friends as they share their favorite ways to have silly fun. From playing on the swings to jumping in the leaves, the Hugawugs have a fun-filled day that ends with a quiet nap.

The Hugawugs ABCs ~ Come along on an alphabet adventure as the Hugawugs find letters all around them—at the park, in the kitchen, and at the zoo. From Squidget’s apple to Jasper’s zebra friend, the Hugawugs learn their way from A to Z.

The Hugawugs Bedtime ~ Change into your pajamas and snuggle under the blankets. It’s time for the Hugawugs bedtime story. The Hugawugs share how they get ready for bed and sleepily say goodnight.

The Hugawugs 123s ~ The Hugawugs can’t stop finding things to count! Join your favorite Hugawugs friends as they practice their 123s and count everything—their toys, their snacks, and their friends.

Plush Toy Detail

The Hugawugs plush have embroidered smiling faces, plump round tummies, squiggly hair, and outstretched arms just right for hugging. Hugawugs plush make perfect friends for story time, bed time or as traveling companions in car seats or strollers. After reading about the characters in each book, children get even more attached to their new furry friends!

Squidget is gentle and a little bit shy.
 You can feel his warm glow when standing nearby.
 Though he is quiet, he makes friends with ease,
 using kind words like "Thank you" and "Please."

Gus is a bookworm, who often gets caught
 reading and reciting the same book a lot.
 Gus is smart and knows his ABCs,
 But sometimes gets stuck on his 1s, 2s and 3s.

Jasper likes to hide and it is best to look out,
 for this little trickster may soon pop right out.
 But turn off the lights and he will remark,
 "Oh no! I am scared! I'm afraid of the dark!"

Ruby is a sweetie, full of kind thoughts
. She adores Gus and his fun purple spots!
 Ruby enjoys painting and coloring too
 Her three favorite colors are pink, green and blue!


The Hugawugs sprung from the imaginations of Wugaboo Entertainment, creators of fun, adventurous learning! Our mission is to create safe, high-quality products that encourage kids and their parents to learn, explore, and play together.

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