Umi Size 16 & 17's Blowout!

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Umi proudly presents UmiPrams--a darling shoe designed for little pre-walkers. Because Umi builds real children's shoes. Not floppy leather slipper socks or miniature grown-up shoes. They know a lot about growing feet and they design with little feet in mind. The result: shoes that are flexible, supportive, durable, and built to fit.

Cuddle your littlest angel in adorable comfort:

UmiPram Puggles:


Protect your curious possum’s toes from the cold with these adorable booties! The perfect accessory, these will “make” any outfit.

About Umi

We protect the ground we walk on. We're also looking out for the next generation. Umi makes shoes that are healthy for kids and healthy for the planet. From first step to last, we're committed to quality and safety. We use only non-toxic materials that are built to last. Our drum-dyed leathers are tested for colorfastness and wear-resistance. And our commitment doesn't end there. We package our shoes in recycled materials and use environmentally sound practices to manage our waste. At Umi, making a safe, healthy, earth-friendly product is not trendy. It's just who we are.

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