Shhhhhh...Happy Holiday Secret Steal!

Between The 4th of July and Canada Day, we just had to celebrate with a special red & white Lollitop secret steal! After all, who doesn't love a Lollitop? That's right, a Lolli-TOP! Sweet, colorful, and fun, Lollitop Hats add a little "sugar rush" to any girl's outfit! Do not be fooled by imitations, these are the ORIGINAL hat that turns into a purse! That right. Just when you thought these couldn't get any cuter, a quick tug on the ribbon and you have a darling and functional purse.

SPECIAL NOTE: Ladybug embellishment considered a removable part - not for children under 3 without supervision.

About Lollitops

One day Kim had seen these semi-cute hats that were lacking style and function and thought....those could be so much cuter! After a lot of trial and error and someone asking if the hats were purses a new idea was born, a hat that turns into a purse! Brilliant, cute, and functional.

The World of Lollitops™ USA.
MOM made in America.

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