Set of 3 Moms into Fitness Workout DVDs by Lindsay Brin

Average weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds, 12 - 14 of those pounds are lost during child birth leaving 12 - 21 pounds of weight for new mamas to worry about.

Sigh. But who has time? You do. Ten minute workouts! TEN minutes, that we can handle!

This set of 3 postnatal DVD's include:
Core Fitness for Moms
Post Natal Boot Camp
Boot Camp 2

It's time to find your way back to a flat tummy. Lindsay Brin's innovative approach teaches your body to use your deep abdominal muscles. She will teach you how to use your pelvic floor and your transverse abdominus (the deep abdominal wall) instead of the usual crunch that works the superficial layer of your abs. An innovative core approach to flatten your tummy will have you seeing results immediately! New core exercises that have you standing up, not lying down. You will use your entire core and elevate your heart rate to increase fat burn. Includes 3 workouts, adapted for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, plus nutrition and weight loss advice you can listen to while working out!

Enough boring crunches! If you are frustrated with your tummy bulge this Core DVD provides innovative techniques so you lose the mom tummy! I will teach you to use your deep abdominal wall from the inside-out. Using your pelvic floor and deep ab muscles is what will help you finally regain your figure. And it's FUN!" – Lindsay Brin

Express Core Sculpting: 30 minutes
Core Sculpting: 45 minutes
Core Yoga and Pilates: 25 minutes
Weight Loss Tips: 10 minutes

The only DVD of its kind with over 2 hours of exercises including 10-10 minute weight loss workouts! Choose from the 10 minute Quickstart menu, 6 core workouts or Lindsay's 12 week program. Reshape your body, flatten your tummy and get your energy back with Pilates, Cardio, Core, Kickboxing, Plyometrics, Yoga, Mom/Baby Core Strength, Toning and more!

If you're tired of doing the same routine, this DVD will continually boost your metabolism and challenge your body! You will lose inches in your core almost immediately with the 6 core workouts Lindsay designed specifically for the postnatal mom. Short on time? Lindsay (advanced), Amy (beginner) and Michele (intermediate) will show you simple choreography broken into 10 minute segments.

You will do cardiovascular drills followed by toning drills to maximize fat burning...studies prove this is the quickest way to get your body back! And, 410 different workout options so you can use it for years!

*Designed so you can get right back to being mom! Each 10 minute interval is quick and to the point!
Program Includes:
FAQ for new moms
6 core workouts (each 3 minutes)
10 Cardio/Toning weight loss workouts (each 10 minutes)
Quickstart workouts
Lindsay's 12 week program
Includes Pilates, Kickboxing, Toning, Cardio, Mom/Baby Core Strength, Core Workouts, Plyometrics and more
130 Minutes Total Run Time

Created with the busy mom in mind! Choose from 6 different 10-minute workouts that burn fat; 6 progressive 5-minute core sessions; plus warm-ups and cool-downs. The interactive menu offers 300 unique workout combinations and an easy 8-week program to get that body back. Includes 2 Core workouts and 2 Cardio/Toning workouts for post-baby.

Core: 5 minutes each, 6 workouts
Cardio & toning: 10 minutes each, 6 workouts




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