BabyLegs SuperSoft

Softness with attitude. BabyLegs SuperSoft collection features a soft, long and stretchy BabyLegs. These designs will melt away on your arms or legs. SuperSoft BabyLegs are perfect for you or your baby. Here's a tip: We use them while working late. They keep our arms nice and toasty soft!

SuperSoft Taffy & Lollipop 40cm
You do not need the boardwalk to have fun - grab this pair of SuperSoft BabyLegs instead, with pink and cream stripes so sweet and soft, you might confuse them for your favorite piece of boardwalk candy! Everyone’s a sucker for cushy comfort this cute! A tasty treat of sweet stripes, these SuperSoft BabyLegs swirl together a candied combination of baby yellow and blue, mixed with hot pink and sugary white.

SuperSoft Passion Fruit & Cotton Candy
Stripes of super sweet pink and white make this SuperSoft design something to bite into! This SuperSoft design won't stick to your fingers or melt in your mouth but the cotton candy pink will make you smile!

SuperSoft Americana & Panda
Show your pride every day of the week and dress your arms or legs in these SuperSoft stripes of red, white, and blue. Cuddle up to this black and white striped pair of SuperSoft BabyLegs. No need to eat eucalyptus, this design will transform you into a cuddly state of mind!

SuperSoft Licorice & SuperSoft Flame 40cm
Dress up in this black licorice design for a little softness with attitude. Solid black and SuperSoft are the perfect style for the super chic or super rockers! Fleecy flames of red lick up both sides of our spiciest and softest BabyLegs. Whether you wear them on your arms or on your legs, they’ll keep in the heat while adding spark and sizzle.

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