Clean Diner

The Clean Diner® high chair cover is the answer to grimy, wooden restaurant high chairs. It's made with a patented one-piece design so it's easy to use, machine washable and convenient to store.

All Clean Diners come with their own carry totes and safety straps and two toy loops in the front for attaching toys.

Wouldn't you do anything to avoid another long night of coughing and snot from a sleepless crying baby? If you're still on the fence you already own a Clean Diner!

Babe Ease baby products are designed to protect babies and other users from exposure to the disease-causing germs found on surfaces such as shopping carts, restaurant high chairs and changing areas. Their baby products achieve germ protection simply: by covering the contaminated surfaces. And, all of their baby products are machine washable and dryer safe. And all of their products have passed stringent testing. None of their baby products contain lead.





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