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the gigi blanki company giveaway

Update - Contest is now closed

It's important to note the prize for this giveaway didn't happen overnight. Why? Because each gigi blanket is handmade, as it is ordered. You pick a fabric for the front, one for the back and a trim. Endless possibilities, everyone of them silky soft. And I mean soft. Cuddly, fuzzy and warm. The perfect little blanket for your little one. Easily customizable to match the nursery.

Want to win one?
How about this one?

{ strolli } 30" x 35"
An Opulent Take-Along Blanket
Great for day trips to the zoo, napping at grandma's, or as a posh crib blanket, these "strollin' snugglers" are the ultimate in comfort. Three different fabrics give babies lots of texture to explore and keep little hands busy.

Contest ends Friday July 25th at 9am MST. Winner announced here Friday July 25th at 5pm MST.


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Blogger ashlynn Says:

what a beautiful blanket!

Blogger Lucky Designs Says:

I love it!

Blogger LeeAnn Says:

I would love to have this blanket.

Blogger marisamcdee Says:

That blanket is too cute!

Anonymous Leah Says:

What an adorable blanket - My little princess needs one!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:


Blogger Jacy Says:

Sweet! Glad I'm already entered! This blanket is absolutely DARLING and I would love to snuggle it up to my face... er... I mean up to my baby! : ) So so cute!

Anonymous misty Says:

what a gorgeous blanket. i want it for me:). of course i'd share it with my dd's-heehee!

Blogger Heather Says:

Wow! Now that is a blanket!

Blogger Kelsey Says:

.......maybe they could be your next steal?

Blogger alison Says:

is that a giraffe print? because my nursery is all about giraffes.

Blogger Jennifer Says:

I love this! WE would LOVE to win!

Blogger Geoff and Joy Says:

I hope I win, its my birthday!! and of course, it is a beautiful blanket that my baby girl would adore!

Blogger 3crazykids Says:

Love this! My first time on the site and trying to land a freebie...
HOT deals on this site. Can't wait to share it!

Anonymous Anna Sigga Says:

Well this is just the cutest thing ever!

Blogger Erin Says:

That blanket is adorable, I hope I win it!

Blogger about pink paper designs Says:

i'm not gonna lie, the bean might have to fight me for that blanket.

Blogger Jess Says:

This is totally my style! I loooove it! I love their other choices too...just wish they made some adult sized ones!

Blogger charlie&gracie Says:

we have got to have this blanket for two reasons, my little girl LOVES "bankees" and her name is gigi!!

Blogger Cathy Says:

That is adorable!!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

My daughter NEEDS this blanket!!!

Blogger Stacey Says:

I love this blanket!

Anonymous wright Says:

Very cute!

Blogger Lindberg Family Says:

I LOVE this blanket!!!


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