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Sleepy Wrap baby wrap baby carrier

Since becoming involved with babysteals I realized (too late) that a sling is necessary if you have any more than 1 child and any less than 3 arms. The first few months after my second child, The Weeb, was born I went to bed nightly chastising myself for being irritated that the sweet little bundle of baby wouldn't let me put him down for 5 minutes so I could do important things like load the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry or use the restroom. At one point late in my pregnancy I started to think, "maybe I should pick up one of those wrappy baby thingys, now that I'll have two." Those ideas were always immediately followed by, "nah, I'm not a vegan peace corps activitst, I'm sure I'd just look weird."

Mamas and dads, I am here to tell you- a wrap will save your life. I've been slinging my 1 year old around for a month or two and I can't believe what a time saver they are. Two free arms! I can do anything!

The Sleepy Wrap is especially nice for your littlest one. Easy to slide in and once your all put together its like you glued the kid to your skin, with a lovely wrap shirt on the outside.

Trust me. You need one.


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